HI! I’M JEN. I’m Here to help you

GRADUATE FROM YOUR D.i.y. Brand & Site 


I’ve been a designer for over 7 years, working for design agencies, marketing firms, major online media companies, international women’s magazines, and now, boutique brands just like yours. I’ve always had that entrepreneurial bug - so I knew I was destined for the freelance lifestyle.

But… starting my business was a battle of confusion (and intense lack of clarity). It took me falling out of a headstand at yoga class one day to realize that fear isn’t a reason not to start (and failure doesn’t hurt that bad either!) Jen Davis Design was officially born. 

I’m a blanket-loving, pie-baking yoga teacher-in-training, originally from Florida but currently living in Central Texas (I swear I run on Chick-fil’-A and sunshine!) I can’t wait to meet you.

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